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Western Union: Payday Loans in Lincoln, IL

Located at Dollar General, 415 Limit St, Lincoln, IL 62656, Western Union offers payday loan services. Their contact number is (217) 718-6458. Western Union operates from this location and provides easy access to payday loans for individuals in Lincoln.


Interest rates and fees for payday loans from Western Union in Lincoln, IL may vary. It is recommended to contact them directly at (217) 718-6458 for up-to-date information on their rates.


Review 1 – ****

Great service and convenient location.

Review 2 – *****

Fast and friendly service. Would recommend.

Review 3 – ***

Decent rates, but had some issues with the staff.

Review 4 – ****

Good customer service and reasonable fees.

Review 5 – **

Not the best experience, high interest rates.

Review 6 – ****

Quick and easy process. No complaints.

Review 7 – *****

Helpful staff and reasonable fees. Would use again.

Review 8 – ****

Good rates and convenient location.

Review 9 – ***

Average service, nothing exceptional.

Review 10 – ****

Positive experience overall. No issues.

Review 11 – *****

Excellent service and fair fees.

Review 12 – ***

Average rates, but had to wait longer than expected.

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