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Issuing borrowed funds is a procedure that requires a certain amount of financial literacy and awareness. First of all, in choosing a counterparty, fnbstaunton.com has prepared a catalog of payday lebnders issuing loans by card or by transfer. We have completed some of the tasks in the selection of lenders, you just need to determine the favorite.

What is a payday lender?

Payday lenders are legal entities that carry out commercial activities in the financial sector. The main activity is to provide individuals with payday loans online (short-term non-targeted loans up to $1,000).

It is important to distinguish between MFIs and non-profit credit organizations (credit unions), the former work with their own finances, the latter with the finances of the participants.

How does a payday lender differ from a bank?

  • Microfinance lending companies should not be confused with classical banks, there are more differences than similarities.
  • Lenders work over the Internet and are not tied to an offline office. This allows you to use the services around the clock.
  • The time for processing an application and making a decision is minimal. The procedure rarely takes more than half an hour.
  • Loyalty to clients: non-bank credit organizations do not require certificates from the place of work, official salary, guarantors.

Who do payday lenders lend to?

Target audience – individuals, regardless of age or social status:

  • US citizens over 18 years old;
  • Retirees;
  • Students.

Credit limit

The maximum allowable amount is set by the state and is the same for all customers and increases as the services are used. Most microfinance organizations offer new borrowers up to $1,000.

fnbstaunton.com service in a matter of minutes helps to filter companies that provide loans:

  • unemployed;
  • without income certificate;
  • without guarantors;
  • without official employment;
  • paycheck;
  • borrowed money;
  • delayed loan;
  • loan with bad credit history.

How to choose the right payday lender?

  • Read the reviews of real clients before submitting an application.
  • Look through a complete overview of each of the companies in our directory. Read their terms, promotions, reviews and make a decision.
  • Use a loan calculator – fast auto-selection of a company for your requirements. Indicate the required amount and term. We will select companies for you that will provide you with the required amount on the most favorable terms.
  • Apply to the company you like.
  • Remember, the MFI catalog of all operating organizations is updated daily, so the site contains up-to-date information on the microcredit market in the USA.