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A credit history is a record of all loans received and paid by a person. It is stored in a special bureau. Credit histories are stored for 15 years. Every year, every person can take an extract from this bureau to get acquainted with their credit history. If you find that your credit history is spoiled, first of all you need to find out the reason. If you yourself are the culprit of this, it remains only to correct the situation. If you have always paid off the loan on time, contact the financial institution where you repaid previous loan and find out if there were any mistakes.

The essence of the credit history improvement program is that 3-5 loans are alternately issued to the borrower-debtor for small increasing amounts and certain terms.

The client’s task is to repay the loan and accrued interest on time without violating the terms of repayment. If he copes with the loans of the program and passes it, the microfinance organization will send information to the credit bureau about 3-5 repaid loans. Thus, the borrower’s credit history will look much better, and other lenders will be able to trust him again.

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is not so difficult to get. This does not require a lot of documents and certificates. The time spent is also insignificant.

Taking into account all the risks, a loan with a bad credit history may be more expensive than in banks. However, by using the service now, the person begins to form his credit history.

An application for a loan with a bad credit history can be sent online. The application is signed online using a secret code sent by sms.

How not to get rejected for a bad credit loan?

Often borrowers with poor credit score are sure that they will be rejected and do not submit new applications. In order not to get rejected, you can use the following tips:

  • Choose a company with suitable terms. Carefully study what requirements the lender sets, whether it is ready to issue loans to students, freelancers, those who have problems with credit rating and do not have a certificate of income. In such services, most likely, they will not refuse.
  • Fill out the application carefully. Try not to make a mistake. Specify only reliable data and fill in all fields, even optional ones.
  • Prepare all the documents in advance. In addition to the ID, TIN, keep a bank card at hand and do not forget to create an email.
  • Use only your documents and be ready to take a selfie with your ID in your hands.
  • Apply to only one lender. After the refusal, you can try to apply for a loan in another service, but at the same time it is better not to fill out applications.
  • Provide information about a stable income. Although many direct lenders do not pay attention to official employment, permanent income can positively influence the decision.

The procedure on issuing bad credit loans

What should I do if cash advance is needed urgently, and the bank refuses to issue credit funds? Payday lenders come to the borrower’s aid, which are more loyal to their customers and often do not check their credit history.

In return for ignoring the credit history, most microfinance organizations raise interest rates on loans for consumers. You can apply for a loan online even if you have a bad credit history. The most reasonable, convenient and comfortable way to obtain credit funds may be to fill out an online application, so that you can get the right amount of funds without leaving your own home.

The target audience of payday lenders are potential borrowers with a bad credit history who are rejected by large financial institutions. Despite the simple conditions, companies have the right to raise the interest rate, as well as reduce the repayment period of the loan at their discretion. A high interest rate is a kind of guarantee for online direct lenders, because not everyone can repay the loan on time.

Thus, companies taking out bad credit payday loans to the population ensure the security of their own capital, expanding the audience of customers even in the financial crisis. Therefore, before complaining about high interest rates, you should think about whether they will give a loan on such loyal terms in the bank?

How does getting a loan affect your credit history?

Credit history is a financial passport of a citizen. Every request for a loan, every application for a payday loan left, every loan issued and received, every payment – everything is displayed in the credit history and affects it.

For example, a borrower has applied and received approval, issued a loan. This increases the borrower’s credit rating.

Repaid the first, second, third payment — increased the rating. Made a late payment or did not repay the loan on time — the credit rating has spoiled. The longer the delay, the lower the rating will be.

It is important to understand here that every action of the client affects the credit history, even a large number of completed applications will not play into the hands of the client. On the contrary, other lenders will refuse to provide money after seeing such activity of the borrower.

For example, they will think that the client is in a desperate situation, so he turns to all companies in a row. It can be concluded that the borrower needs a large amount and he wants to collect small loans in different companies, so as not to return them later, etc.

Which way to get a loan should choose a client with a bad credit rating?

This is not essential from the point of view of credit history and will depend solely on the client’s requirements. If you need money quickly, choose a loan on the card.

If you do not want to link the card to your personal account and show the details on the Internet, choose a loan to an electronic wallet or through the money order system. In the first case, the transfer will be instant, in the second — within 30 minutes.

A bad credit loan is a way out of any situation – advantages

Sometimes there are situations when it is simply impossible to solve everyday issues without borrowed funds. People often have to take out loans or turn to microfinance companies. Under these circumstances, it often happens that it is not always possible to return borrowed funds on time, and sometimes the credit history deteriorates completely.

Often people take out loans in order to repay previous loans and often do not have time to repay them. Because of this, the credit bureau records data on the unsuccessful repayment of the loan and gradually the credit history deteriorates.

Loans with a bad credit history are issued almost without refusal. Most customers, even with a spoiled credit history, will be able to get extra cash and get rid of financial difficulties.

Let’s list the most basic advantages for this type of a quick loan:

  • Re-crediting. If you already have unpaid loan debt, then you can confidently get additional financing without refusal and cover previous loans.
  • A bad credit loan is perfect for people who urgently need money. All selected organizations issue loans instantly and receiving money will not take long. You will be able to put your money in your pocket on the same day.
  • To apply for this type of loan, you will only need a ID of the United Ststes. You will not need to confirm your income and collect additional certificates.
  • The best assistant in a difficult financial situation. If there is nowhere else to turn, then this type of a payday loan will come to the rescue. This way you will be helped in a desperate situation.