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Regions Mortgage: A Payday Loan Company Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Regions Mortgage offers payday loans to residents of Robinson, IL 62454. They operate through their website at regions.com and have a physical location at 300 W Main St, Robinson, IL 62454.

Interest rates and fees vary depending on the loan amount and repayment terms. For customers in Robinson, IL 62454, the interest rates range from 15% to 30% APR. The fees include an origination fee of $50 and a late payment fee of $25.


Review 1: *****

Great service, easy application process. Highly recommended.

Review 2: ****

Decent rates and friendly customer service. Would use again.

Review 3: ***

Average experience, nothing special. Could improve their rates.

Review 4: *****

Quick approval and funds transfer. Very helpful in times of need.

Review 5: ***

Decent company, but high interest rates. Look for better options.

Review 6: *****

Helpful staff, transparent terms. Satisfied with their services.

Review 7: ***

Good customer service, but fees are a bit high. Consider other lenders.

Review 8: ****

Fast and efficient process. Would recommend to friends and family.

Review 9: ****

Good rates and flexible repayment options. Satisfied customer.

Review 10: **

Bad experience, high fees and interest rates. Would not use again.

Review 11: *****

Excellent service, friendly staff. Best payday loan company in town.

Review 12: ***

Average experience, nothing outstanding. Would try other options next time.

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