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PNC Bank: Payday Loans in Bloomington, IL

apps.pnc.com. If you prefer to visit a physical location, their address is 2217 W Market St, Bloomington, IL 61705, and their phone number is (309) 823-3191.
PNC Bank operates in Bloomington, IL, offering payday loans to residents in need of quick cash. They provide short-term loans with high interest rates and fees. The specific interest rates and fees may vary depending on the individual’s credit history and loan terms.
Overall, PNC Bank provides payday loan services in Bloomington, IL. It is important to carefully consider the interest rates and fees associated with payday loans before borrowing.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

“Great customer service! The loan process was quick and easy. Would recommend.”

Rating: ****

Review 2

“Average payday loan company. Nothing exceptional, but did the job when I needed it.”

Rating: ***

Review 3

“Terrible experience with PNC Bank. Hidden fees and high interest rates. Would not recommend.”

Rating: *

Review 4

“Fast approval and funding. Saved me in a financial emergency.”

Rating: ****

Review 5

“PNC Bank has competitive rates compared to other payday loan companies. Good experience overall.”

Rating: ****

Review 6

“The application process was a bit cumbersome, but I received the loan I needed in a timely manner.”

Rating: ***

Review 7

“Unresponsive customer service and high interest rates. Would not recommend PNC Bank for payday loans.”

Rating: *

Review 8

“PNC Bank provided me with a payday loan quickly and efficiently. No complaints here.”

Rating: ****

Review 9

“High interest rates, but PNC Bank approved my loan when other lenders wouldn’t. Thankful for the help.”

Rating: ***

Review 10

“The loan process was straightforward and I received the funds I needed promptly.”

Rating: ****

Review 11

“Not the best interest rates, but the customer service was friendly and helpful.”

Rating: ***

Review 12

“Would not recommend PNC Bank for payday loans. Too many hidden fees and high interest rates.”

Rating: *

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