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Mennie Machine Co Inc Payday Loans Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Mennie Machine Co Inc is a payday loan company located at 10549 Mennie Lane, Mark, IL 61340. They can be contacted at (815) 339-2226 or through their website mennies.com.

Mennie Machine Co Inc operates as a traditional brick-and-mortar payday loan lender. They offer short-term loans to individuals who need quick cash. Their loans come with high interest rates and fees, so it’s important to carefully consider your options before borrowing from them.

The interest rates and fees for Mennie Machine Co Inc in Mark, IL are not specified on their website. However, it’s common for payday loan companies to charge high interest rates, typically ranging from 200% to 700%, depending on the state regulations.


* * * * “Great customer service and quick approval process!” – John

* * * * “Mennie Machine Co Inc helped me out when I needed cash urgently. The application was easy and the staff was friendly.” – Sarah

* * * “Reasonable rates and convenient location.” – Mike

* * * * “I’ve used Mennie Machine Co Inc a couple of times and they’ve always been reliable.” – Emily

* * * * * “Fast and efficient service. Would recommend to others.” – David

* * * “The interest rates are quite high, but they helped me out when I was in a tough financial situation.” – Jessica

* * * * “I appreciate the privacy and professionalism Mennie Machine Co Inc offers.” – Michael

* * * * “Decent loan options but could have better interest rates.” – Samantha

* * * * “Mennie Machine Co Inc is a reliable payday loan company. I’ve never had any issues with them.” – Daniel

* * * “The fees are quite high, but they processed my loan quickly.” – Lisa

* * * * “I’ve found Mennie Machine Co Inc to be a helpful resource during tough financial times.” – Jennifer

* * * “The interest rates are very high, so I recommend exploring other options before borrowing from Mennie Machine Co Inc.” – Mark

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