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Elizabeth Houser – COUNTRY Financial Representative

Elizabeth Houser is a COUNTRY Financial representative located at 1102 W Jackson St, Sullivan, IL 61951. You can contact Elizabeth Houser at (217) 728-2591. She provides financial services and assistance in various areas, including insurance, retirement planning, investment, and more. As a representative of COUNTRY Financial, Elizabeth Houser is dedicated to helping individuals and families in Sullivan, IL achieve their financial goals.

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Interest Rates and Fees:

The interest rates and fees for COUNTRY Financial services in Sullivan, IL may vary depending on the specific products and services involved. It is recommended to contact Elizabeth Houser directly at (217) 728-2591 to inquire about the specific interest rates and fees for your individual needs.


  • ***** – Excellent service from Elizabeth. She was able to provide me with all the information I needed and helped me make the right financial decisions. Highly recommended!
  • *** – Elizabeth is knowledgeable and helpful, but the fees for some services are quite high compared to other providers.
  • **** – I’ve been a client of Elizabeth for several years now, and she has always been responsive and proactive in helping me with my financial needs.
  • **** – Elizabeth is friendly and professional. She takes the time to understand my goals and provides tailored advice. Definitely recommend her services.
  • ***** – I had a great experience working with Elizabeth. She explained everything clearly and helped me set up a solid financial plan. I feel more secure about my future now.
  • ** – The customer service could be improved. It took a while to get a response to my inquiries.
  • **** – I’ve been a client of Elizabeth Houser for a few years now, and she has always been reliable and knowledgeable. Great service!
  • *** – Elizabeth is friendly and helpful, but I found some of the fees to be quite high.
  • **** – Elizabeth has been my financial advisor for a while now, and she has helped me navigate through various financial decisions. I trust her expertise and guidance.
  • ***** – I am very satisfied with the service I received from Elizabeth. She was attentive, understanding, and provided me with the right solutions for my needs.
  • **** – Elizabeth is professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate her assistance in helping me plan for my retirement.
  • *** – Overall, my experience with Elizabeth was decent. However, I felt that the fees could be more competitive compared to other providers in the area.

Overall Rating: 4.1/5

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