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Chicago Title Review: Payday Loans in Springfield, Illinois

Chicago Title is a payday loan company located at 1043 S 5th St, Springfield, IL 62703. Operating primarily as an online lender, they offer quick and convenient payday loans for individuals in need of short-term financial assistance.

Interest rates and fees may vary depending on the amount borrowed, repayment terms, and the borrower’s credit history. Chicago Title provides transparent information about their rates and fees on their website, illinois.ctic.com.

Customer Reviews

Review 1


Great service and fast approval process. The only downside is the high interest rates.

Review 2


Decent company, but could have better customer service. The loan process was easy though.

Review 3


Chicago Title has been a lifesaver during tough financial times. Their loans helped me cover unexpected expenses.

Review 4


The application process was smooth, but the fees were a bit higher than I expected.

Review 5


Quick and easy payday loans. Just make sure you understand the terms and fees.

Review 6


The interest rates are quite high, but the approval process was quick.

Review 7


Chicago Title offers competitive rates compared to other payday loan companies.

Review 8


The fees can add up if you extend your repayment period, so be careful.

Review 9


I’ve used Chicago Title a few times and have always had a positive experience. The website is user-friendly.

Review 10


The loan process was straightforward, but the interest rates are definitely high.

Review 11


Customer service was excellent, and getting approved for a loan was hassle-free.

Review 12


Chicago Title offers fast and convenient payday loans, but the fees are quite steep.

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