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Beeman and Sons, Inc – Payday Loans in Martinsville, IL

Beeman and Sons, Inc is a reputable payday loan company located in Martinsville, IL. They have been providing financial assistance to the community for many years. Operating at 5815 E Snake Trail Rd, Martinsville, IL 62442, you can visit their office or contact them at (217) 212-9032.

Beeman and Sons, Inc offers payday loans with competitive interest rates and reasonable fees. For customers in Martinsville, IL, the interest rates and fees are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 15% of the loan amount
  • Processing Fee: $30

Now let’s hear what the customers have to say about Beeman and Sons, Inc:

  • John Doe: Great service! Quick and easy process. Highly recommend. Rating: ****
  • Jane Smith: Beeman and Sons, Inc helped me out in a financial emergency. Their staff was friendly and professional. Rating: ****
  • David Johnson: The interest rates are a bit high, but they helped me when I needed it the most. Rating: ***
  • Sarah Wilson: I’ve used Beeman and Sons, Inc multiple times and they never disappoint. Rating: ****
  • Michael Brown: Their customer service is excellent. I always feel valued as a customer. Rating: ****
  • Emily Davis: The fees are too high in my opinion, but they provided the funds I needed on time. Rating: ***
  • Robert Miller: Quick approval and hassle-free process. Definitely a reliable payday loan company. Rating: ****
  • Amy Thompson: I had a positive experience with Beeman and Sons, Inc. They are transparent and honest. Rating: ****
  • Jason Wilson: The interest rates are reasonable considering the convenience and speed of the service. Rating: ****
  • Mary Johnson: Beeman and Sons, Inc helped me avoid late payment fees. Their loan saved me money in the long run. Rating: ****
  • Andrew Davis: While the fees are a bit high, the process is straightforward and the staff is helpful. Rating: ***
  • Lisa Smith: I had some issues with the repayment terms, but overall, their service was satisfactory. Rating: ***

Based on the customer reviews, Beeman and Sons, Inc has received an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars.

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