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At FNB, we feel it is important to have an open line of communication with our customers. If you would like to receive additional information on any of our products/services, or if you have any questions, please complete the form below and click on the submit button. Please do not disclose any account or personal information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Below the Contact Us form is an FAQ that covers some of the most-asked questions that we receive about our website. Before filling out the form, please look over the FAQ to make sure that your question isn't addressed there. If it is and you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.



Online Banking FAQ

 1. Can I have my security code texted to me instead of emailed?  If so, how?

Click the User Services tab and then, under Manage Account, click Change Contact Information.  Click the “+” next to Phone Numbers.  Add your mobile phone number in the mobile phone box and submit.  You will submit again on the next screen confirming the change.  Click the Proceed button to go to the Security Code Delivery Preference page to enable your phone number for delivery of security code texts.  Click on the “Enroll to receive text alerts” link in blue.  You will receive a security code via text.  Enter the code in the box, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and submit. 

 2. How do I change my default page within Online Banking?

Click the User Services tab and then, under User Preferences, click Start Page Selection. Use the Section list to choose which page will appear first when you log in.

 3. How do I view more of my recent history?

After you log into Online Banking, click on Snapshot in the main menu, if you do not already have Snapshot as your default page. You will see a list of all of your accounts and, to the right of each account, is an Actions drop down menu. Hover over the drop down menu and click View History. From there, you can adjust the date range so you may see more of your recent history.

 4. When I go to download my statements, I am taken to a different website. Can I download my statements within the FNB Online Banking?

While it may look like you are being taken to a different website when you download your statement, you are actually downloading a PDF file within the FNB website. This file may be saved to your computer or you may print this statement for your records.

 5. When I pay my home loan, I’d like to pay principal only. Is this an option?

Yes, if you want your payment amount to be applied to your loan's principal in specific amounts, first select Schedule Loan Payment from the Transfer tab and then click on Specify Principal from the Actions menu.  Once you enter the amount of principal you want to pay, simply click on Make Payment.  This will apply the entire payment amount that you entered to the principal balance of the loan.

 6. Is there a way for me to view more than the past 3 months of statements?

Right now, you may only view the past 3 months of statements. We suggest you print out each monthly statement for your personal records so that you may review statements that are older than 3 months.

 7. Is it possible to add bank accounts outside of First National Bank?

We do not offer this feature at this time.

 8. Is it possible to transfer money from my account to another person’s First National Bank account?

We do not offer this feature at this time.

 9. Can I search for a specific amount in my account history?

Yes. Click View History in the Specific Account Actions menu.  In the Advanced Options Amount Range boxes, enter the lower amount, and then the higher amount in each respective box. The amount range allows you to search for any transactions in a given dollar amount range. You can search for a single dollar amount by entering the amount in the first box on the left and leaving the "To" box blank.  Then Click View History at the bottom of the Quick History box.

10. How do I make the font bigger within Online Banking?

After you log into Online Banking, in the upper right hand corner you will see the letter “A” three times. The first letter “A” is the default font size. Click on the middle “A” or the far right “A” in order to increase the size of the font.

11. My Access ID is not being recognized. What might I be doing wrong?

Make sure you are using the proper case as the Access ID is case sensitive.

12. A week ago I registered my device (computer, laptop, phone, etc.) for Online Banking, but now it’s asking me to register the device again. Why is that?

You could be using a different IP Address or a different device.  Also, your cookie may be deleting on exit.  You may need to change your browser settings so that the cookie does not get deleted. 

General Website FAQ

1. Can I order checks online?

Visit our home page and click on the “Reorder Checks Online” box at the bottom.  You will be taken to a Check Reorder Form that you will need to fill out.

2. Where do I look on your website for any urgent news or alerts?

Underneath the rotating images on our home page is a spot to the left for any bank news (on the right is information concerning mortgage rates). Here we will have any urgent news or alerts, such as possible debit card security breaches or scams that may be affecting our customers. If there is no urgent news or alerts, we will typically feature a link to sign up for our customer e-newsletter. Alerts will also be posted on our Facebook page. Like our page to receive our posts in your Facebook newsfeed.

3. How do I sign up for your e-newsletter?

From our main menu, click on Contact Us. Fill out the form and indicate that you would like to sign up for our e-newsletter. We typically send out our e-newsletter every 3 weeks.