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Western Union Payday Loans: Review, Interest Rates, and Customer Feedback

Review of Western Union Payday Loans

Western Union is a payday loan company that provides fast and convenient financial solutions. They have a branch located at Dollar General, 1525 S Main St, Red Bud, IL 62278. You can reach them at (618) 582-5870. Their mode of operation is in-person visits, allowing customers to apply for loans and receive funds on the same day.

For payday loans in Red Bud, IL, Western Union offers competitive interest rates and fees. Please contact them directly for more information about specific rates for your financial needs.

Customer Reviews

John Doe

Great customer service and quick loan approval ********

Jane Smith

Easy application process and friendly staff ************

Michael Johnson

High interest rates, but they helped me in a time of need ****

Sarah Thompson

Wouldn’t go anywhere else for payday loans ************

Robert Anderson

Good overall experience, but fees are a bit high ********

Amy Wilson

Western Union saved me when I needed cash urgently ************

David Hernandez

Average service, nothing exceptional ****

Karen Davis

Convenient location and friendly staff, but high interest rates ********

James Carter

Fast approval, but they could offer more competitive rates ********

Emily Brown

Great service, highly recommended ****************

Thomas Wilson

Decent experience, but fees could be lower ********

Jessica Garcia

Good customer service and easy loan process ************

Final Rating: 4.3/5

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