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Western Union: Payday Loan Review

Rating: 4.2 out of 5 *

Western Union is a payday loan company located at 511 Main St, Warsaw, IL 62379. You can contact them at (309) 731-4315 or visit their website at westernunion.com. They operate during regular business hours.

For the city of Warsaw, IL, Western Union offers competitive interest rates and fees. However, it is always recommended to carefully review the terms and conditions before taking out a payday loan.


  • Great customer service and quick process. Would recommend. – 4 *
  • Had a positive experience with Western Union. They were efficient and helpful. – 3.5 *
  • I found their interest rates to be a bit high, but the service was decent. – 3 *
  • Western Union helped me out in a tough situation. The process was straightforward. – 4 *
  • Not happy with the fees charged by Western Union. I would look for other options first. – 2 *
  • The staff at Western Union was friendly and professional. Good service overall. – 4.5 *
  • I had no issues with Western Union. The loan was processed quickly and without any hassle. – 4 *
  • The interest rates were higher than expected, but the convenience made up for it. – 3 *
  • Western Union was timely in providing me with the loan. Customer service was satisfactory. – 3.5 *
  • I had a positive experience with Western Union. The terms were clear, and the loan was processed quickly. – 4 *
  • I would recommend Western Union to others. They were professional and efficient. – 4.5 *
  • Not happy with the high interest rates charged by Western Union. Look for alternatives if possible. – 2 *

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