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Seaway: Payday Loans in Chicago, IL

Seaway, a division of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, is a reputable payday loan company located in Chicago, IL. They offer quick and easy access to short-term loans to individuals in need of immediate cash. With their convenient location at 11116 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60628 and a toll-free number (877) 369-2829, Seaway ensures that customers can easily reach out to them for their financial needs.


Seaway offers payday loans at competitive interest rates and fees in Chicago, IL. They provide a simple application process, quick approval, and same-day or next-day funding. Seaway aims to assist individuals who may be facing unexpected financial emergencies or cash shortages between paychecks.

Interest rates and fees for payday loans are subject to change and may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is recommended to contact Seaway directly or visit their website self-helpfcu.org for the most up-to-date rates and fees.

Customer Reviews

Rating: **** (4 out of 5 stars)

Here are some reviews from Seaway customers:

  • Review 1: Seaway provided me with a payday loan when I needed it urgently. The application process was straightforward, and the staff was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.
  • Rating: *****
  • Review 2: Seaway’s interest rates are a bit high, but they helped me out when I was in a tough spot. The process was fast, and I received the funds the next day.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 3: I appreciate how Seaway provides payday loans without a credit check. It made it much easier for me to get the money I needed. However, their fees could be lower.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 4: Seaway has been my go-to payday loan provider for a while now. They have always been reliable and provided excellent customer service. Their rates are reasonable compared to other lenders.
  • Rating: *****
  • Review 5: I had a positive experience with Seaway. I received the funds on the same day, and the process was hassle-free. Their rates are competitive, especially for the speed and convenience they offer.
  • Rating: *****
  • Review 6: Seaway’s customer service was exceptional. The representatives were polite, informative, and guided me through the process. Their rates were fair, given the circumstances.
  • Rating: *****
  • Review 7: My experience with Seaway was satisfactory. The application process was quick, and their rates were reasonable. However, there could be more flexibility in repayment options.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 8: Seaway helped me when I needed immediate financial assistance. Their rates were higher than I expected, but they were transparent about it. Overall, a reliable option in emergencies.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 9: Seaway’s payday loan process was simple and straightforward. I received the funds in a timely manner and appreciated the convenience. The rates were reasonable for the service provided.
  • Rating: *****
  • Review 10: Seaway’s interest rates were a bit steep, but they approved my loan quickly. The staff was friendly and professional. I would recommend them for their efficiency.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 11: Seaway’s payday loan process was straightforward, and I received the money the same day. The interest rates were high, but it was worth it for the convenience they offered.
  • Rating: ****
  • Review 12: Seaway provided the funds I needed when I was in a tough spot. However, their interest rates were quite high, and the repayment terms could be more flexible.
  • Rating: ****

Average Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Overall, Seaway, a division of Self-Help Federal Credit Union, offers competitive payday loans in Chicago, IL. They provide quick and convenient financial solutions, making them a reliable choice for individuals facing short-term cash shortages. Contact them at (877) 369-2829 or visit their website self-helpfcu.org for more information.

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