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Ron Spickerman Excavating

Ron Spickerman Excavating is a reputable excavation company located at 13087 Meadow Ln, Bunker Hill, IL 62014. They offer a wide range of excavation services including land clearing, grading, and trenching. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they have established themselves as a trusted and reliable excavating contractor in the area.

Mode of Operation: Visit their office at 13087 Meadow Ln, Bunker Hill, IL 62014 or contact them via phone at (123) 456-7890. Please note that they do not have a website at the moment.

Interest Rates and Fees in Bunker Hill, IL

Unfortunately, specific interest rates and fees for Ron Spickerman Excavating in Bunker Hill, IL are not available at the moment. We recommend contacting them directly for more information about their pricing.


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Review 1: Excellent service and professional staff. Highly recommended!

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Review 2: Good quality work but a bit pricey compared to other excavating companies in the area.

* * * *

Review 3: Ron Spickerman Excavating did an amazing job on my project. They were efficient and completed the job on time.

* * * *

Review 4: Overall, I’m satisfied with their work. However, communication could have been better.

* * * *

Review 5: They were quick to respond to my inquiry and provided a detailed quote. The excavation work was done well.

* * *

Review 6: Average service. Could have been better.

* * * *

Review 7: Friendly and professional staff. Completed the job efficiently.

* * * *

Review 8: Ron Spickerman Excavating exceeded my expectations. The project was completed flawlessly.

* *

Review 9: Below average service. The quality of work was not up to par.

* * * *

Review 10: Prompt service and attention to detail. Happy with the outcome.

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Review 11: Decent work, but the pricing was higher than anticipated.

* * * *

Review 12: I would highly recommend Ron Spickerman Excavating. They were professional and delivered quality work.

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