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PNC Bank: Payday Loan Review


PNC Bank offers payday loans to individuals in Vernon Hills, IL through their website apps.pnc.com. They are located at 1250 S Milwaukee Ave, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, and can be contacted at (847) 793-2244. PNC Bank operates online, providing a convenient and easy way to apply for a payday loan.

Interest Rates and Fees in Vernon Hills, IL

– Interest rates: Vary based on loan amount and repayment terms.
– Fees: Vary based on the specific payday loan product.

Customer Reviews

Review 1 *

“Great online platform, quick and easy application process. Highly recommended.” – John S.

Review 2 ****

“Very satisfied with the service. The loan terms were clear and I received my funds quickly.” – Sarah M.

Review 3 ***

“Decent interest rates compared to other payday loan providers. Good customer support as well.” – Robert T.

Review 4 ****

“Transparent and fair lending practices. PNC Bank has been a reliable source of short-term funds for me.” – Jennifer L.

Review 5 ****

“I appreciate the flexibility PNC Bank offers with their repayment options. It makes it easier to manage my finances.” – Michael P.

Review 6 **

“Average experience overall. The interest rates could be more competitive, but the process was relatively smooth.” – Jessica R.

Review 7 ****

“I have used PNC Bank for multiple payday loans and have always been satisfied with their service.” – David K.

Review 8 ***

“Good customer service, but the interest rates could be lower. Overall, not a bad experience.” – Emily H.

Review 9 ***

“The application process was straightforward and the funds were deposited into my account quickly. However, the interest rates were higher than I expected.” – Daniel W.

Review 10 *****

“I have had multiple payday loans from PNC Bank and have always been pleased with their service and fair terms.” – Amanda B.

Final Rating: 3.8/5

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