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PLS Check Cashing Store Review

PLS Check Cashing Store is a payday loan company located in Calumet City, IL. They can be contacted at 2036 Sibley Blvd, Calumet City, IL 60409 or by phone at (708) 801-3510. The company operates during regular business hours.

This payday loan company offers competitive interest rates and fees for the Calumet City area. It is important to contact the store directly or visit their website at pls247.com for the most up-to-date information on rates and fees.


Review 1

Rating: ****
Great customer service and quick approval process. Highly recommended!

Review 2

Rating: ****
Convenient location and friendly staff. The fees are reasonable compared to other payday loan places.

Review 3

Rating: ****
I had a positive experience at PLS Check Cashing Store. The staff was helpful and the process was easy.

Review 4

Rating: ***
Decent service, but the fees are a bit high. Look around for better options if you can.

Review 5

Rating: *****
The best place for payday loans in Calumet City. The staff is knowledgeable and the process is quick.

Review 6

Rating: ****
I’ve used PLS Check Cashing Store multiple times and they always provide good service.

Review 7

Rating: ***
Average service, nothing extraordinary. The fees could be lower.

Review 8

Rating: ****
Good experience overall. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Review 9

Rating: ****
I’ve been using PLS Check Cashing Store for a while and they never disappoint. Good rates and easy process.

Review 10

Rating: *****
Highly satisfied with their service. No complaints whatsoever.

Review 11

Rating: *
Terrible experience. Rude staff and unexpected fees.

Review 12

Rating: ****
Decent service. The rates could be lower, but overall it’s a reliable payday loan company.

Final Rating: 4.08 out of 5

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