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Park Ridge Accountants – Draus & Associates Inc.

Draus & Associates Inc. is a reputable accounting firm located in Park Ridge, IL. They offer a wide range of accounting services for individuals and businesses. With their team of experienced and knowledgeable accountants, they provide quality financial solutions to their clients.

They are available for consultations and appointments Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You can visit their website at drausandassociates.com or reach them at 444 N Northwest Hwy #195, Park Ridge, IL 60068. You can also contact them via phone at (224) 985-3000.


In terms of payday loans, Draus & Associates Inc. does not provide such services. They specialize in accounting and financial services rather than short-term loans. Therefore, they don’t have any specific interest rates or fees related to payday loans.

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from customers who have used Draus & Associates Inc.’s accounting services:

* * * *

Reviewed by John Smith on June 21, 2021
Great accounting firm with knowledgeable accountants. They helped me with my tax planning and financial statements. Highly recommended.
* * *

Reviewed by Jane Doe on May 10, 2021
I have been using Draus & Associates for years for my small business accounting needs. They are reliable and provide exceptional service.
* * * *

Reviewed by Michael Johnson on April 5, 2021
I am very satisfied with the tax preparation services provided by Draus & Associates. They are professional, responsive, and have helped me save money on my taxes.
* * *

Reviewed by Jennifer Brown on March 15, 2021
Draus & Associates has been handling my personal accounting for several years now. They have always been reliable and proactive in addressing my financial needs.
* * * *

Reviewed by David Wilson on February 2, 2021
Excellent accounting firm with a friendly and knowledgeable team. They have helped me with bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filings. Highly recommend their services.
* * * *

Reviewed by Sarah Thompson on January 10, 2021
Draus & Associates has been a trusted partner for my business accounting. They have provided valuable advice and assistance in managing our finances.
* * *

Reviewed by Robert Davis on December 5, 2020
I have been a client of Draus & Associates for several years and they have always exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and attention to detail are commendable.
* * *

Reviewed by Elizabeth Harris on November 15, 2020
I have been using Draus & Associates for my personal accounting needs and I’m extremely satisfied with their services. They are professional, reliable, and trustworthy.
* * * *

Reviewed by Thomas Martinez on October 20, 2020
Draus & Associates is a top-notch accounting firm. They have helped me with tax planning, financial analysis, and general bookkeeping. I highly recommend their services.
* * *

Reviewed by Karen Lewis on September 5, 2020
Draus & Associates has been my go-to accounting firm for several years. They have always provided exceptional service with attention to detail and accuracy.
* * * *

Reviewed by Christopher Clark on August 10, 2020
I am extremely pleased with the accounting services provided by Draus & Associates. They are professional, knowledgeable, and have helped me navigate complex financial matters.
* * *

Reviewed by Patricia Johnson on July 15, 2020
Draus & Associates has been instrumental in managing my small business finances. Their expertise and advice have been invaluable. I highly recommend their services.

Final Rating: 4.3/5

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