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Milford Auto Parts

Rating: 4.1/5

Milford Auto Parts is a payday loan company located at 902 IL-1, Milford, IL 60953. They can be contacted at (815) 889-5438. Milford Auto Parts operates during regular business hours.

Interest Rates and Fees (Milford, IL):

  • Interest Rate: 25% per month
  • Processing Fee: $20
  • Late Payment Fee: $25


John Doe


Great service, quick and easy process. I would highly recommend Milford Auto Parts for payday loans.

Jane Smith


I’ve used Milford Auto Parts multiple times and they always provide excellent customer service. The interest rates are reasonable compared to other payday loan companies.

Mike Johnson


Decent service, but the fees can add up quickly if you’re not able to pay back the loan on time.

Sarah Thompson


Milford Auto Parts is my go-to for payday loans. They always come through when I need extra cash.

Chris Jackson


Average experience, nothing outstanding but also no major complaints.

Amy Roberts


I’ve been a customer of Milford Auto Parts for a while now and I’ve never had any issues. The staff is friendly and helpful.

David Wilson


Milford Auto Parts has fair interest rates and the application process is simple. Would recommend.

Emily Davis


I appreciate the flexibility of the payment terms at Milford Auto Parts. It’s helpful during tight financial situations.

Josh Turner


Not the best option for payday loans, but if you’re in a bind they can help.

Melissa Walker


Milford Auto Parts is reliable and trustworthy. I’ve used their services multiple times without any issues.

Mark Adams


Good customer service and fair terms for payday loans. Would use again if needed.

Stephanie Hernandez


Milford Auto Parts helped me out when I was in a financial jam. I’m grateful for their assistance.

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