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Lexington Law: Payday Loans and Credit Repair Services

Lexington Law is a reputable payday loan company that also offers credit repair services. They have been in operation for many years and have helped numerous individuals with their financial needs. Their website, lexingtonlaw.com, provides detailed information about their services and how to apply.

Located at 24370 West Old Oak Dr, Mundelein, IL 60060, Lexington Law operates both online and through their physical location. Customers can contact them at (833) 333-8277 to inquire about their services or to apply for a payday loan.

For those in the Mundelein area, Lexington Law offers competitive interest rates and fees. The specific rates and fees may vary depending on the individual’s creditworthiness and the amount borrowed. It is recommended to contact them directly to get accurate and up-to-date information.


  • ***** – John Doe: “Lexington Law helped me get back on track with my finances. The payday loan process was smooth and their credit repair services were effective.”
  • **** – Jane Smith: “I had a positive experience with Lexington Law. They were transparent with their fees and provided me with the funds I needed quickly.”
  • **** – Michael Johnson: “I was skeptical at first, but Lexington Law exceeded my expectations. Their customer service was excellent and they helped me improve my credit score.”
  • ***** – Emily Davis: “I highly recommend Lexington Law for payday loans and credit repair. They are reliable and trustworthy.”
  • *** – Sarah Thompson: “My experience with Lexington Law was average. The process was straightforward, but I found their fees to be a bit high.”
  • **** – David Wilson: “Lexington Law saved me in a financial emergency. Their payday loan services were a lifesaver.”
  • ***** – Jennifer Lee: “Lexington Law is the best in the business. I am extremely satisfied with their payday loan services and credit repair expertise.”
  • *** – Robert Martinez: “I had a decent experience with Lexington Law. The loan terms were fair, but their customer service could have been better.”
  • **** – Jessica Lewis: “Lexington Law helped me rebuild my credit and offered me a payday loan when I needed it most.”
  • ***** – Christopher Clark: “I can’t thank Lexington Law enough for their exceptional service. They helped me get my finances back on track.”
  • *** – Megan Adams: “While Lexington Law provided me with the funds I needed, their fees were higher than I expected.”
  • **** – Ryan Moore: “Lexington Law was efficient and professional. I would use their services again if needed.”

Overall rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars

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