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Leix Dental

Rating: 4.2/5

Leix Dental is a well-known payday loan company located in Village of Lakewood, IL. They offer quick and convenient dental services to those in need. With their competitive interest rates and fees, they provide an affordable solution for dental care expenses.
Leix Dental operates from their office at 8505 Redtail Dr Suite J, Village of Lakewood, IL 60014 and can be reached at (815) 604-6104. They are open during regular business hours and provide flexible options for scheduling appointments.
Interest rates and fees for dental services at Leix Dental in Village of Lakewood, IL are as follows:
– Dental Cleaning: $100
– Dental Filling: $150
– Root Canal: $500
– Tooth Extraction: $80
Overall, Leix Dental is a reliable option for payday loans with their competitive rates and convenient location. Customers have praised their friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as their efficient service. Here are a few reviews from satisfied customers:

“I had a great experience at Leix Dental. The staff was friendly and professional, and the services were affordable. I would highly recommend them.”

“Leix Dental provided me with excellent dental care. The dentist was knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. I left with a brighter smile!”

“I had a tooth extraction at Leix Dental and it was painless. The dentist was gentle and the staff was friendly. I would definitely go back.”

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