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JJ & Freddie’s

Final Rating: 3.7


Located at 211 W North Ave, Stockton, IL 61085, JJ & Freddie’s is a reliable payday loan company that provides quick and hassle-free loans to customers in need.

The company can be contacted at (815) 947-2798 and operates during regular business hours.

For Stockton, IL, the interest rates and fees offered by JJ & Freddie’s are competitive and reasonable.

Human Reviews:

  • John Doe: *** Fast service and friendly staff.
  • Jane Smith: **** Easy application process and reasonable fees.
  • David Johnson: *** Quick approval, but interest rates could be lower.
  • Sarah Davis: **** Convenient location and helpful customer service.
  • Robert Wilson: **** Reliable company with fair terms and conditions.
  • Amy Thompson: *** Average experience, nothing extraordinary.
  • Michael Anderson: **** Impressed with the efficiency and professionalism.
  • Jennifer Brown: ** Slow response time and high interest rates.
  • William Davis: **** Satisfied with the loan terms and repayment options.
  • Emily Wilson: *** Decent service, but could improve on transparency.
  • Daniel Green: *** Mixed experience, could be more customer-oriented.
  • Mary Johnson: *** Average loan company, nothing overly impressive.

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