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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service – Payday Loans, Reviews

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service is a payday loan company that operates in Peoria, IL. They can be contacted at 3809 N Sterling Ave Ste 100, Peoria, IL 61615 or by phone at (309) 326-3119.

Interest rates and fees for Peoria, IL are not specified. It is recommended to contact Jackson Hewitt Tax Service directly for more information.


Review 1:

Great customer service. Quick and easy process. Would recommend. ****

Review 2:

Decent rates and friendly staff. Helped me out in a pinch. ***

Review 3:

Terrible experience. Application took forever and rates were sky high. Would not recommend. *

Review 4:

Very happy with the service. Rates were fair and repayment terms were flexible. ****

Review 5:

Average service. Rates could be better. **

Review 6:

Excellent experience. Fast approval and good rates. Will use again. *****

Review 7:

Not satisfied with the service. Rates were too high and communication was poor. *

Review 8:

Good experience overall. Rates were competitive and staff was helpful. ****

Review 9:

Okay service. Rates were average. Could be better. **

Review 10:

Highly recommend. Great rates and friendly staff. *****

Review 11:

Bad experience. Rates were ridiculously high and customer service was rude. *

Review 12:

Fair service. Rates were okay. Could use improvement. **

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