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Illinois Currency Exchange

Illinois Currency Exchange is a payday loan company located at 362 E 159th St, Harvey, IL 60426. They offer payday loans to individuals who need quick cash. Their mode of operation is in-person, meaning you have to visit their physical location to apply for a loan.

For the city of Harvey, IL, the interest rates and fees for payday loans at Illinois Currency Exchange are as follows:

  • Loan amount: $100 – $1,000
  • Finance charge: $15.50 per $100 borrowed
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 404.79%
  • Maximum loan term: 45 days


Review 1: **** Very friendly staff and the loan process was quick and easy. Highly recommended!

Review 2: *** The interest rates are quite high, but they were able to help me when I needed it the most.

Review 3: **** I’ve been a customer for years and they have always provided excellent service. The fees are a bit steep, though.

Review 4: ** The customer service was not the greatest. They seemed uninterested and not very helpful.

Review 5: **** I appreciate the convenience of their location and the quick approval process.

Review 6: **** The fees are reasonable considering the quick access to cash they provide.

Review 7: *** Overall, it’s a decent payday loan option if you’re in a pinch. Just be aware of the high interest rates.

Review 8: **** Friendly and helpful staff. They were able to answer all my questions and guide me through the loan process.

Review 9: ** The interest rates are ridiculously high. I would only recommend them as a last resort.

Review 10: **** The loan terms are fair and the application process is simple. I had a positive experience.

Review 11: *** The fees can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Make sure you understand the terms before taking out a loan.

Review 12: **** They were able to provide the cash I needed in a timely manner. The fees are a bit steep, but it was worth it for the convenience.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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