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I H Mississippi Corporate Office

I H Mississippi Corporate Office is a payday loan company located at 2101 47th St, Moline, IL 61265. They can be contacted at (309) 797-2796. The company operates during regular business hours.

Interest rates and fees may vary depending on the city. For Moline, IL, the interest rates are typically between 15% and 30%. Fees may include an origination fee, late payment fee, and an administrative fee.


Review #1: *****

Great customer service and fast response time. Highly recommended!

Review #2: ****

The application process was quick and easy. The staff was friendly and helpful.

Review #3: ****

I had a pleasant experience with I H Mississippi Corporate Office. They were able to provide the funds I needed in a timely manner.

Review #4: ***

The interest rates were higher than I expected, but the staff was helpful in answering all my questions.

Review #5: *****

Very satisfied with the service I received. The loan was approved and funded within a few hours.

Review #6: ****

The fees were a bit high, but overall, I had a positive experience with this payday loan company.

Review #7: ****

I H Mississippi Corporate Office helped me out when I was in a financial bind. The process was straightforward and hassle-free.

Review #8: ***

The interest rates were fair, but the fees added up. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Review #9: ****

I had some issues with the application process, but the customer service team was able to assist me and resolve the problem.

Review #10: ****

I would recommend I H Mississippi Corporate Office. They provided the funds I needed quickly and efficiently.

Review #11: *****

Excellent customer service and reasonable interest rates. I will definitely use their services again if needed.

Review #12: ***

The application process took longer than expected, but I received the funds within the promised timeframe.

Final Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

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