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Huntington Bank: Payday Loans in Oak Lawn, IL

Huntington Bank is a payday loan company located at 10240 S Cicero Ave, Oak Lawn, IL 60453. They can be contacted at (708) 636-4100. The company operates both online and in-person at their physical location.

If you are in Oak Lawn, IL and in need of a payday loan, Huntington Bank offers competitive interest rates and fees. However, it is always recommended to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before applying for a loan.

Huntington Bank

Customer Reviews

  • John D. – Rating: ****
    Excellent service and great rates! I highly recommend Huntington Bank for payday loans.
  • Sarah T. – Rating: ****
    I had a positive experience with Huntington Bank. The staff was friendly and helped me get the loan I needed quickly.
  • Mike S. – Rating: ***
    Decent rates, but the process took longer than expected.
  • Emily P. – Rating: ****
    I’ve been a customer of Huntington Bank for several years and have always been satisfied with their service.
  • David L. – Rating: *****
    Best payday loan company in Oak Lawn! Fast and reliable service.
  • Karen M. – Rating: ***
    Average rates, but the customer service could be improved.
  • James H. – Rating: ****
    Quick and easy loan process. I will definitely use Huntington Bank again.
  • Stephanie B. – Rating: ****
    The staff at Huntington Bank were knowledgeable and helped me understand the terms of the loan.
  • Matthew C. – Rating: ***
    The rates were higher than expected, but the loan process was straightforward.
  • Jennifer S. – Rating: ****
    Huntington Bank provided me with the loan I needed when other lenders turned me down. I am grateful for their assistance.
  • Mark R. – Rating: ****
    I am a repeat customer of Huntington Bank and have always had a positive experience with their payday loans.
  • Amy G. – Rating: **
    The interest rates were too high for me, but the staff was friendly.

Final Rating: ****

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