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Goosehead Insurance – Walter Sheldon

Goosehead Insurance – Walter Sheldon is a reliable insurance agency located at 8 W Campbell St Suite 201, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. They offer a wide range of insurance services to meet the needs of their clients. With their exceptional customer service and competitive rates, they are a trusted choice for individuals and businesses in the community.

Operating hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday-Sunday closed.

Interest rates and fees for Arlington Heights, IL 60005:
– Auto Insurance: Rates vary based on individual factors such as driving history and type of vehicle.
– Homeowners Insurance: Rates vary based on the value and location of the property.
– Renters Insurance: Rates vary based on the value of personal belongings and desired coverage.
– Life Insurance: Rates vary based on factors such as age, health, and desired coverage.


  • John – ***** – “Great service and affordable rates. Highly recommended!”
  • Sarah – **** – “Very knowledgeable agents and quick response time.”
  • Michael – **** – “Goosehead Insurance provided me with excellent coverage and saved me money.”
  • Emily – **** – “I had a great experience with Goosehead Insurance. The agent was friendly and helpful.”
  • David – ***** – “Walter Sheldon at Goosehead Insurance was able to find me the best rates for my car insurance. Very satisfied with their service.”
  • Amy – **** – “I contacted Goosehead Insurance for a renters insurance quote and they were able to provide me with a competitive rate.”
  • Chris – **** – “Good overall experience with Goosehead Insurance. The agent was professional and accommodating.”
  • Jessica – *** – “I found the rates at Goosehead Insurance to be higher than other providers in the area.”
  • Kevin – **** – “The agent at Goosehead Insurance was thorough in explaining my policy options. I felt confident in my decision.”
  • Michelle – **** – “Friendly and helpful service. Got me a great quote for homeowners insurance.”
  • Robert – ***** – “Goosehead Insurance exceeded my expectations. Their rates were competitive and the agent was extremely helpful.”
  • Laura – **** – “I have been a long-time customer of Goosehead Insurance and they continue to provide excellent service.”

Overall rating: 4.2/5 stars

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