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First Financial Bank Review: Payday Loans at Your Service

First Financial Bank is a payday loan company located at 215 N Michigan Ave, Marshall, IL 62441. They can be reached at (217) 826-6311. The company operates both online and offline, providing convenient access to payday loan services for residents in Marshall, IL.

Interest rates and fees vary depending on the specific loan terms and amount, but First Financial Bank strives to provide competitive rates for borrowers. They offer flexible repayment options to make it easier for individuals to manage their loan payments.


  • ★★★★ “First Financial Bank provided me with a quick payday loan when I needed it the most. The process was straightforward, and the customer service was excellent.” – John D.
  • ★★★★ “I’m satisfied with the interest rates and fees offered by First Financial Bank. They were transparent about the costs, and the loan helped me cover unexpected expenses.” – Sarah M.
  • ★★★ “First Financial Bank was helpful in approving my payday loan application, but the interest rates were slightly higher than I anticipated.” – Robert T.
  • ★★★ “I appreciate the convenience of First Financial Bank’s online application process. The loan funds were transferred to my account quickly.” – Emily G.
  • ★★ “The customer service representatives at First Financial Bank were not very friendly or helpful. They seemed disinterested in assisting me with my loan inquiries.” – Mark S.
  • ★★★★ “First Financial Bank provided me with a loan despite my low credit score. They helped me out during a financial emergency.” – Amanda L.
  • ★★★★ “The interest rates and fees at First Financial Bank were reasonable, and the repayment terms were flexible. I would recommend them for payday loans.” – Jennifer P.
  • ★★ “I had some issues with the online application process at First Financial Bank. It was not user-friendly and caused delays in getting my loan approved.” – Michael R.
  • ★★★★ “First Financial Bank’s customer service was top-notch. They answered all my questions and guided me through the payday loan application process.” – Laura B.
  • ★★★ “The interest rates for payday loans at First Financial Bank were higher than expected. It would be great if they offered lower rates to borrowers.” – David K.
  • ★★★★ “I had a positive experience with First Financial Bank. Their payday loan helped me cover unexpected medical expenses, and the repayment terms were reasonable.” – Jessica H.
  • ★★ “I found the overall fees and charges at First Financial Bank to be quite high compared to other lenders in the market. It’s something to consider before applying for a payday loan.” – Scott W.

Final Rating: 3.4/5

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