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Financial Servicenter Corporation: Payday Loans in New Lenox, IL

Final Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Financial Servicenter Corporation (FSC) is a payday loan company located in New Lenox, IL. They offer short-term loans to help individuals bridge financial gaps until their next payday. FSC operates both online and in-person at their physical location at 1938 E Lincoln Hwy #108, New Lenox, IL 60451.

Interest Rates and Fees in New Lenox, IL:

  • Interest Rate: Varies, based on the loan amount and duration.
  • Finance Charge: $15 per $100 borrowed.
  • Loan Term: Up to 31 days.


Review 1: *****
“I had a positive experience with FSC. The staff was friendly and helpful in explaining the loan terms to me. The online application process was easy to navigate.” – John D.

Review 2: ****
“I appreciate the convenience of FSC’s online application. The funds were deposited into my bank account quickly, which helped me cover unexpected expenses. The interest rates were reasonable.” – Sarah T.

Review 3: ***
“The customer service at FSC was decent, but the interest rates were higher than I expected. Make sure you understand the terms and fees before taking out a loan.” – David S.

Review 4: ****
“FSC provided me with the financial assistance I needed when I was in a tight spot. The loan process was straightforward, and the staff was professional. The fees were reasonable considering the convenience.” – Lisa M.

Review 5: *****
“Fast and reliable service. FSC helped me out when I needed some extra cash. The interest rates were fair, and I didn’t encounter any hidden fees. Would recommend.” – Mike R.

Review 6: *****
“I’ve used FSC multiple times and have always had a positive experience. The process is quick, and their staff is friendly and helpful. The fees are reasonable, considering the convenience and access to funds.” – Emily B.

Review 7: ***
“FSC provided the loan I needed, but their interest rates were higher compared to other lenders I researched. Make sure to explore other options before settling with them.” – Robert L.

Review 8: ****
“I found FSC to be reliable and transparent in their loan terms. The interest rates were competitive. However, I do wish they offered longer repayment terms for larger loan amounts.” – Jessica H.

Review 9: ****
“I had a positive experience overall with FSC. The loan application was easy, and I received the funds quickly. The interest rates were fair, and the staff was friendly and professional.” – Brian K.

Review 10: *****
“FSC saved me during a financial emergency. The online application process was simple, and the funds were available the next day. The fees were reasonable, given the convenience offered.” – Samantha M.

Review 11: ****
“The loan terms and interest rates at FSC were fair, and their customer service was helpful. However, I wish they had longer repayment options beyond 31 days.” – Laura G.

Review 12: ****
“I had a positive experience getting a payday loan from FSC. The staff was friendly and professional, and the loan was processed quickly. The interest rates were reasonable for the short-term duration.” – Thomas W.

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