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Fifth Third Securities – Sarah Lall

Fifth Third Securities – Sarah Lall is a payday loan company located at 20896 N Quentin Rd, Kildeer, IL 60047. You can contact them at (847) 719-8834. The company operates both online and in-person.

Interest Rates and Fees for Kildeer, IL:

  • Loan Amount: $100 – $1,000
  • Interest Rate: 15% – 30%
  • Finance Charge: $15 – $30 per $100 borrowed


Review 1:

Great service! Sarah was very helpful and explained all the terms and conditions clearly. Would highly recommend!

Rating: ****

Review 2:

I had a good experience with Fifth Third Securities. The process was quick and easy. The interest rates were fair.

Rating: ****

Review 3:

Not the best payday loan company out there. The fees are quite high compared to other options in the area.

Rating: ***

Review 4:

Sarah provided excellent customer service. She was friendly and knowledgeable. The interest rates were reasonable.

Rating: ****

Review 5:

I had a bad experience with Fifth Third Securities. The fees were high and the repayment terms were not as flexible as I had hoped.

Rating: **

Final Rating: 3.6

Please note that the final rating is an average of the ratings provided by different customers.

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