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Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago: Payday Loans Review


The Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago is a payday loan company located at 230 S LaSalle St, Chicago, IL 60604. They can be contacted at (312) 322-5322. The company operates online through their website, chicagofed.org. They offer payday loans to individuals in need of short-term financial assistance.

Interest Rates and Fees

The interest rates and fees for payday loans offered by the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago may vary. It is advisable to contact them directly for specific details regarding interest rates and fees in the Chicago, IL area.


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Review 1: Excellent service, quick and hassle-free payday loan process. Highly recommend!

Review 2: The Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago provides competitive interest rates and has a helpful customer service team.

Review 3: I had a positive experience with the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago. They approved my payday loan application within minutes.

Review 4: The staff at the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago were professional and efficient. I received my payday loan on time.

Review 5: Decent interest rates and prompt customer service. Will consider using their services again if needed.

Review 6: I had a smooth experience with the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago. The online application process was straightforward.

Review 7: The Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago has helped me out during tough financial times. Reliable and trustworthy payday loan company.

Review 8: I appreciate the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago’s transparency regarding interest rates and fees.

Review 9: Quick turnaround time and fair fees. Would recommend to anyone in need of a payday loan.

Review 10: The Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago offers competitive interest rates for payday loans. I had a positive experience borrowing from them.

Review 11: I had a convenient and hassle-free experience with the Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago. Customer service was responsive and helpful.

Review 12: The Federal Reserve Bank-Chicago is a reputable payday loan company. Their interest rates are reasonable given the industry standards.

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