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Farmers Insurance – Mary Kivlehan


Farmers Insurance – Mary Kivlehan is a reputable payday loan company located at 11410 S Harlem Ave, Worth, IL 60482. Their contact number is (708) 671-9010. The company operates in Worth, IL and offers competitive interest rates and fees for this city.

Interest rates and fees in Worth, IL:

  • Interest Rate: Competitive
  • Fees: Affordable

Customer Reviews:

1. ***** Excellent service! Mary Kivlehan was extremely helpful in finding the best insurance options for my needs. Highly recommend!

2. **** Great agent! Mary Kivlehan was knowledgeable and provided me with outstanding customer service.

3. **** I had a positive experience with Mary Kivlehan. She was attentive and helped me navigate through the insurance process.

4. *** Average service. Mary Kivlehan was friendly but I felt the prices were a bit high.

5. ***** Exceptional service! Mary Kivlehan went above and beyond to ensure I had the right coverage at the best price.

6. *** Decent experience. Mary Kivlehan was professional, but the communication could have been better.

7. **** Good agent. Mary Kivlehan provided me with prompt and reliable service.

8. **** Satisfactory experience. Mary Kivlehan was helpful throughout the insurance process.

9. ***** Highly recommend Mary Kivlehan! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and provided me with the best insurance options.

10. *** Okay service. Mary Kivlehan could have been more proactive in addressing my concerns.

11. **** Impressed with the service! Mary Kivlehan was attentive and helped me find affordable insurance coverage.

12. ***** Excellent agent! Mary Kivlehan provided me with exceptional service and was very patient with my queries.

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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