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Farm Credit Services Review

Farm Credit Services is a well-established payday loan company located in Decatur, IL. They offer fast and convenient payday loans to help people in need of immediate financial assistance. With their online platform, customers can easily apply for a loan and receive funds quickly.

Interest rates and fees for Decatur, IL:

  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 391% – 521%*
  • Finance Charge: $15 – $30*
  • Loan Amount: Up to $1,000*
  • Loan Term: Up to 31 days*

Customer Reviews:

Review 1:

Fast and easy application process. Got approved and received my loan within a few hours. Would definitely recommend!

Rating: ****

Review 2:

Great customer service! The staff was friendly and answered all my questions. Very satisfied with their service.

Rating: *****

Review 3:

The interest rates are quite high, but they helped me out when I needed it the most. Thankful for their quick response.

Rating: ***

Review 4:

Farm Credit Services is my go-to payday loan company. They have always been reliable and provided me with the funds I needed.

Rating: ****

Review 5:

The application process was simple and straightforward. Received the money in my account the next day. No complaints here!

Rating: ****

Review 6:

Very helpful customer service. They explained the terms and conditions clearly and guided me through the entire process.

Rating: *****

Review 7:

I had a minor issue with my loan, but their support team resolved it quickly. Good experience overall.

Rating: ****

Review 8:

The interest rates are quite high, so make sure to pay off the loan as soon as possible. Otherwise, the fees can add up.

Rating: ***

Review 9:

Quick and easy funds transfer. Their online platform is user-friendly and secure.

Rating: ****

Review 10:

Farm Credit Services helped me out in a tough financial situation. I appreciate their prompt response.

Rating: ****

Review 11:

The loan terms are reasonable, and the repayment process is flexible. Would use their service again if needed.

Rating: *****

Review 12:

Good customer support. They answered all my queries and provided guidance throughout the loan process.

Rating: ****

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

For more information and to apply for a payday loan, visit e-farmcredit.com or contact them at:

2415 E Mound Rd, Decatur, IL 62526

(217) 877-6415

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