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Doc’s Dumpsters: Payday Loans in McHenry, IL

Doc’s Dumpsters is a reputable payday loan company located at 2121 S River Rd, McHenry, IL 60051. They provide fast and convenient payday loans to individuals in need of quick cash. Operating in McHenry, their interest rates and fees are competitive with other lenders in the area.

Contact information:

  • Website: docsdumpsters.com
  • Address: 2121 S River Rd, McHenry, IL 60051
  • Phone: (815) 385-5025

Doc’s Dumpsters operates during regular business hours and is available to assist customers with their loan needs. Whether you need a loan to cover unexpected expenses or to bridge the gap until your next paycheck, they are here to help.

Interest rates and fees may vary depending on the loan amount and duration. It is recommended to contact Doc’s Dumpsters directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


  • ***** – “Great service, quick and easy process.” – John D.
  • **** – “Reliable payday loan option in McHenry. Friendly staff.” – Sarah R.
  • **** – “Used their services a couple of times, never had any issues.” – Michael S.
  • **** – “Professional staff, reasonable rates.” – Lisa M.
  • *** – “Decent payday loan company. Could improve customer service.” – Robert H.
  • *** – “Average experience, nothing extraordinary.” – Jennifer P.
  • *** – “Satisfactory service, but interest rates are high.” – David L.
  • ** – “Had some issues with their website, but the loan process was fine.” – Amanda T.
  • ** – “Not the best experience. Slow response and high fees.” – Mark W.
  • * – “Would not recommend. Better options available in McHenry.” – Emily G.
  • * – “Terrible customer service. Avoid if possible.” – Jessica B.

Final rating: 3.1/5

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