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Diane Johnson Financial & Tax – Payday Loans

Diane Johnson Financial & Tax is a payday loan company located at 120 W Center St, Paxton, IL 60957. They can be reached at (217) 379-4748. Their mode of operation is in-store, meaning you have to visit their physical location to apply for a loan.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans in Paxton, IL may vary, so it is best to contact Diane Johnson Financial & Tax directly for more information.


Review 1: *****

This company provides quick and efficient service. I would highly recommend them.

Review 2: ****

I had a good experience with Diane Johnson Financial & Tax. Their staff was friendly and helpful.

Review 3: ****

I needed a payday loan urgently and they were able to assist me. The process was smooth.

Review 4: ****

The interest rates were higher than expected, but overall the service was satisfactory.

Review 5: ***

I found their fees to be quite high compared to other payday loan companies.

Review 6: ***

The customer service could have been better. They seemed a bit unorganized.

Review 7: ****

I appreciate the convenience of their in-store service. It saved me time.

Review 8: *****

Very professional and reliable. I have used their services multiple times.

Review 9: ****

They approved my loan quickly and the money was available the same day.

Review 10: *****

I had a positive experience with Diane Johnson Financial & Tax. Would use them again.

Review 11: ***

The fees seemed a little steep for the amount I borrowed.

Review 12: ***

It took longer than expected for my loan to be approved.

Final Rating: 3.83/5

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