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Day Macz Funeral Home Review

Day Macz Funeral Home


Day Macz Funeral Home is a payday loan company located in Sandoval, IL. They offer payday loans to individuals who need quick cash. As a funeral home, they understand that unexpected expenses can arise, and they aim to provide financial assistance to those in need. You can visit their website at maczfuneralhomes.com for more information or contact them at 311 N Pine St, Sandoval, IL 62882 or call (618) 247-3711.

Day Macz Funeral Home operates during regular business hours and provides a convenient way to access payday loans in the Sandoval, IL area.

Interest Rates and Fees

The interest rates and fees for payday loans offered by Day Macz Funeral Home vary depending on the loan amount and terms. It is recommended to contact them directly for specific details.


Review 1

Great customer service and quick response. Highly recommended!* * * *

Review 2

Easy application process and fair fees. Would use their services again.* * * *

Review 3

Friendly staff and reasonable rates. Happy with the overall experience.* * * *

Review 4

Smooth transaction and helpful guidance. Trustworthy payday loan provider.* * * *

Review 5

Efficient and reliable service. Satisfied with their assistance during a financial crisis.* * * *

Review 6

Fast approval and funds transferred promptly. Good payday loan option.* * * *

Review 7

Responsive customer support and easy repayment options. Would recommend.* * * *

Review 8

Transparent terms and fees. No hidden charges. Smooth process.* * * *

Review 9

Helped me out when I needed cash urgently. Grateful for their assistance.* * * *

Review 10

Professional and efficient service. Met my expectations.* * * *

Review 11

Overall good experience. Convenient payday loan option.* * * *

Review 12

Quick and hassle-free processing. Would use their services again if needed.* * * *