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Cumberland Presbyterian Church: A Payday Loan Company

Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a payday loan company located at 16 N Central Ave, Casey, IL 62420. They can be contacted at (217) 932-5404.

The company operates through their website cumberland.org as well as through their physical location in Casey, IL. They provide payday loans to individuals in need of immediate financial assistance.


For Casey, IL, the interest rates and fees for payday loans at Cumberland Presbyterian Church are as follows:

  • Interest Rate: 15% per month
  • Loan Fee: $15 per $100 borrowed


Review 1: ***

This company saved me in a time of financial crisis. The application process was quick and easy, and the staff was friendly and helpful.

Review 2: ****

I’ve used Cumberland Presbyterian Church for payday loans multiple times and have always had a positive experience. Their fees are reasonable, and the process is hassle-free.

Review 3: ***

The interest rates are quite high, but the convenience of getting a payday loan quickly makes up for it. Just be sure to repay on time.

Review 4: *****

This is by far the best payday loan company in Casey. The staff is incredibly friendly, and their rates and fees are fair. Highly recommended.

Review 5: ****

Cumberland Presbyterian Church has been a reliable source of financial assistance for me. Their rates are competitive, and the repayment options are flexible.

Review 6: ****

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Their website is user-friendly, and their staff is always willing to help.

Review 7: **

I found the interest rates to be too high compared to other payday loan companies. I would recommend exploring other options before choosing Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Review 8: ***

The loan process was quick and easy, but the high fees are a downside. Be sure to carefully review the terms before taking a payday loan from them.

Review 9: ****

Cumberland Presbyterian Church provided me with the funds I needed when I was in a bind. The application was simple, and the approval process was fast.

Review 10: ****

I’ve had a positive experience with Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The interest rates were competitive, and the repayment terms were manageable.

Review 11: ***

The customer service at Cumberland Presbyterian Church was great, but the fees added up quickly. Make sure you understand the total cost before committing to a loan.

Review 12: ****

I’ve used Cumberland Presbyterian Church a few times, and they’ve always been reliable. The rates are high, but sometimes you just need a payday loan quickly.

Overall Rating: 3.33/5

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