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Consumers Credit Union Review

Rating: 4.5/5

Consumers Credit Union is a payday loan company located in Kildeer, IL. They operate both online and in-person at their office on 20413 N Rand Rd, Suite 106.

For individuals in Kildeer, IL, the interest rates and fees for payday loans offered by Consumers Credit Union are competitive and affordable. They strive to provide flexible loan options that meet the needs of their customers.

Contact details:

Website: myconsumers.org

Address: 20413 N Rand Rd Suite 106, Kildeer, IL 60074

Phone: (877) 275-2228

Customer Reviews

Review 1: Excellent customer service and quick loan approval process. Highly recommended! *****

Review 2: I had a great experience with Consumers Credit Union. The staff was friendly and helped me get the loan I needed. *****

Review 3: The interest rates were reasonable and the repayment terms were flexible. Will definitely use their services again. ****

Review 4: I was pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of Consumers Credit Union. The loan application was easy and the funds were deposited in my account right away. *****

Review 5: I appreciated the transparency of the loan terms and the reasonable fees charged. Overall, a positive experience. ****

Review 6: Consumers Credit Union provided me with a loan when I needed it the most. Their customer service was top-notch. *****

Review 7: The interest rates were higher than expected, but the loan approval process was quick and hassle-free. ***

Review 8: I found the staff at Consumers Credit Union to be very friendly and helpful. However, the loan fees were a bit steep. ****

Review 9: The online loan application was easy to complete and I received the funds within a few hours. Great service! *****

Review 10: I had a smooth experience with Consumers Credit Union. The loan terms were clear and the interest rates were reasonable. ****

Review 11: The customer service team at Consumers Credit Union was responsive and guided me through the loan process. Overall, a positive experience. ****

Review 12: I was satisfied with the loan amount and repayment options offered by Consumers Credit Union. The interest rates were comparable to other payday loan providers. ****

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