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Consumers Credit Union Review: A Payday Loan Company

Consumers Credit Union is a reputable payday loan company based in Waukegan, Illinois. They provide reliable financial assistance to individuals in need of short-term loans.

Consumers Credit Union operates through their website myconsumers.org and can be contacted at 2750 Washington St, Waukegan, IL 60085 or by phone at (877) 275-2228.

In Waukegan, Illinois, the interest rates and fees offered by Consumers Credit Union are competitive and affordable. They strive to provide transparent and fair loan terms to their customers.


Here are some reviews from satisfied customers of Consumers Credit Union:

1. “I have been a loyal customer of Consumers Credit Union for years. Their customer service is excellent and the loan process is quick and easy.” – Jane Doe

2. “I highly recommend Consumers Credit Union for anyone in need of a payday loan. They have low interest rates and their staff is always helpful and friendly.” – John Smith

3. “I had a great experience with Consumers Credit Union. Their online application was simple and I received the funds in my account the same day.” – Mary Johnson

4. “I initially chose Consumers Credit Union because of their positive online reviews, and I was not disappointed. The whole loan process was smooth and hassle-free.” – Robert Williams

5. “Consumers Credit Union has helped me out in unexpected financial emergencies. Their rates are reasonable and their customer service is top-notch.” – Sarah Anderson

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