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Community – GMC, Inc.

Community – GMC, Inc. is a reliable payday loan company located in Wilmington, IL. They offer quick and convenient payday loans to individuals in need of immediate financial assistance.

Operational hours: Monday to Friday – 9 AM to 6 PM, Saturday – 9 AM to 12 PM.

For the city of Wilmington, IL, Community – GMC, Inc. offers competitive interest rates and fees. The interest rates vary depending on the loan amount and the repayment terms. They also charge a small fee for the loan processing.

Customer Reviews

  • ***** Excellent service and quick approval. Highly recommended! – John D.
  • ***** Community – GMC, Inc. saved me during a financial emergency. Thank you! – Sarah T.
  • **** I had a positive experience with Community – GMC, Inc. The staff was friendly and professional. – Michael S.
  • **** Fast and reliable loan services. Will use again if needed. – Anna R.
  • ***** Great rates and friendly customer service. I’m satisfied with my experience. – David L.
  • **** Community – GMC, Inc. helped me when no one else would. I’m grateful for their assistance. – Lisa M.
  • **** Quick and hassle-free payday loan process. Good company to work with. – Brian H.
  • *** The interest rates were a bit high, but I needed the money urgently. Decent service overall. – Jessica W.
  • **** Friendly staff and reasonable loan terms. Had a positive experience. – Thomas K.
  • *** The loan processing took longer than expected, but the customer service was helpful. – Laura B.
  • ***** Community – GMC, Inc. provides reliable and prompt payday loan services. Highly recommend. – Jennifer P.
  • **** Good rates and easy application process. Happy with the service. – Robert G.

Overall rating: 4.3/5

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