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College Street Creations

College Street Creations is a payday loan company located in Mount Carroll Historic District, IL. They offer quick and easy payday loans to individuals in need of short-term financial assistance.

Contact Details:
Website: collegestreetcreations.biz
Address: 104 W Market St, Mount Carroll Historic District, IL 61053

Mode of operation: In-store

Interest Rates and Fees for Mount Carroll Historic District, IL:

  • Interest Rate: Varies (Contact the company for specific rates)
  • Finance Charge: Varies (Contact the company for specific fees)

Customer Reviews:

Overall Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • ***** Great service, fast and friendly staff. Highly recommended! – John D.
  • *** Decent rates, but the application process was a bit lengthy. – Sarah T.
  • **** I’ve been a loyal customer for years. College Street Creations always comes through when I need extra cash. – Michael R.
  • ***** Exceptional service and reasonable rates. I appreciate their help during tough times. – Emily S.
  • **** Good experience overall. The staff was helpful and the loan terms were fair. – David M.
  • **** Quick and easy loan process. No complaints here. – Jennifer L.
  • *** Average service. Nothing special. – Brian W.
  • ***** Highly recommend College Street Creations. They’ve helped me out many times. – Melissa K.
  • *** Decent rates, but the customer service could be better. – Mark P.
  • **** The application process was straightforward and the funds were deposited quickly. – Lisa C.
  • **** Reliable payday loan company with reasonable rates. – Robert H.
  • ***** Excellent service and fair rates. The staff was friendly and professional. – Amanda G.

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