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CEFCU (ATM) Review

CEFCU is a payday loan company located at 427 S Main St, Creve Coeur, IL 61610. They can be reached at (800) 542-3328 or through their website cefcu.com. The company operates as an ATM, providing quick and convenient access to cash.

In Creve Coeur, the interest rates and fees charged by CEFCU may vary. It is recommended to contact them directly for more information regarding their rates.

Here are some reviews from customers who have used CEFCU:

Review 1: ***** – “I have been a loyal customer of CEFCU for years. Their ATM services are excellent and their customer support is always helpful.”

Review 2: **** – “CEFCU has made it easy for me to get cash whenever I need it. The fees are reasonable and the service is reliable.”

Review 3: ***** – “I appreciate the convenience of CEFCU’s ATM. It has saved me many times when I needed quick cash.”

Review 4: *** – “The interest rates at CEFCU are a bit high compared to other payday loan options. However, their ATM service is convenient.”

Review 5: ***** – “I’ve had a positive experience with CEFCU. Their ATM is always accessible and the fees are fair.”

Review 6: **** – “CEFCU’s ATM has been a lifesaver for me in times of unexpected expenses. The rates are reasonable and the process is quick.”

Review 7: ** – “I have had some issues with the fees and interest rates at CEFCU. Not the best payday loan option in my opinion.”

Review 8: **** – “CEFCU’s ATM is convenient and easy to use. The staff is friendly and always willing to assist.”

Review 9: ***** – “I highly recommend CEFCU for their ATM services. It has been a reliable source of cash for me when needed.”

Review 10: *** – “CEFCU’s interest rates are too high for my liking. I would suggest exploring other options before choosing them.”

Review 11: **** – “CEFCU’s ATM has been a convenient solution for emergencies. The fees are reasonable and the service is prompt.”

Review 12: **** – “I have used CEFCU’s ATM multiple times and have never had any issues. The rates are fair and the transactions are quick.”

Overall Rating: 3.8/5

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