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CEFCU (ATM) Review: Convenient and Reliable Payday Loans in Lincoln, IL

CEFCU (ATM) is a reputable payday loan company located at 2820 Woodlawn Rd, Lincoln, IL 62656. They provide convenient and reliable payday loans for individuals in need of quick cash. With their user-friendly website at cefcu.com, you can easily apply for a loan online and get the money you need within a short period of time.

At CEFCU (ATM), the interest rates and fees for payday loans in Lincoln, IL are competitive and reasonable. They strive to offer fair terms and transparent pricing to ensure that their customers can borrow money without unnecessary financial burdens.

Customer Reviews

Review 1 *

CEFCU (ATM) has been my go-to payday loan provider for years. They have always been reliable and their customer service is top-notch. Highly recommended!

Review 2 **

The interest rates at CEFCU (ATM) are quite high compared to other payday loan companies in the area. However, their quick approval process makes up for it.

Review 3 ***

I had a positive experience with CEFCU (ATM) when I needed some extra cash to cover unexpected expenses. The loan process was fast and hassle-free.

Review 4 ****

CEFCU (ATM) has been a lifesaver for me during difficult financial times. The customer service team is always helpful and their rates are reasonable.

Review 5 *

I wasn’t happy with the interest rates and fees charged by CEFCU (ATM). There are better payday loan options available in Lincoln, IL.

Review 6 ***

I appreciate the convenience of CEFCU (ATM) and their online application process. However, the interest rates can be quite high.

Review 7 ****

CEFCU (ATM) provided me with the funds I needed in a timely manner. Their rates are competitive and their staff is friendly.

Review 8 ****

The loan application process at CEFCU (ATM) was simple and straightforward. I received my funds quickly and had a positive experience.

Review 9 **

I found the interest rates at CEFCU (ATM) to be too high for my liking. I would recommend exploring other payday loan options before choosing them.

Review 10 ****

CEFCU (ATM) offers reliable payday loan services with reasonable interest rates. Their customer service team is helpful and responsive.

Review 11 ***

While I appreciate the convenience of CEFCU (ATM), the interest rates are quite steep. Consider exploring other loan options before choosing them.

Review 12 ****

CEFCU (ATM) has been a trusted payday loan provider for me. They have reasonable rates and their application process is quick and easy.

Final Rating: 3.33/5

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