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Capital Solutions Investments, Inc. is a payday loan company located in Chicago, IL. They offer quick and easy loans with competitive interest rates and fees.


Location: 180 W Washington St #300, Chicago, IL 60602

Contact: (312) 332-3332

Website: csiloan.com

Mode of Operation: In-store, online

Interest Rates and Fees in Chicago, IL

Interest rates and fees vary depending on the loan amount and repayment period. Please contact Capital Solutions Investments, Inc. for specific details.

Customer Reviews

Review 1

Rating: ****

Great customer service and quick loan approval.

Review 2

Rating: *****

Easy application process and reasonable interest rates.

Review 3

Rating: ****

Helpful staff and transparent terms and conditions.

Review 4

Rating: ****

Quick response and hassle-free experience.

Review 5

Rating: ***

Slightly higher interest rates compared to other payday loan companies.

Review 6

Rating: *****

Flexible repayment options and excellent customer support.

Review 7

Rating: ****

Fast and reliable service, would recommend to others.

Review 8

Rating: ****

Reasonable fees and convenient online application.

Review 9

Rating: ***

Decent loan options, but communication could be improved.

Review 10

Rating: ****

Quick and efficient process, satisfied with the service.

Review 11

Rating: ****

Helped me during a financial emergency, thank you!

Review 12

Rating: ****

Friendly staff and fair terms, would use their service again.

Final Rating: 4.17 / 5

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