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Bangert Well Service, Inc.

Bangert Well Service, Inc. is a well-established payday loan company located in Clay City, IL. They have been serving the local community for many years, providing fast and reliable financial solutions to those in need. Their office is located at 5868 Big Four Rd, Clay City, IL 62824 and can be reached at (618) 676-1411.

Bangert Well Service, Inc. operates during regular business hours and is available to assist customers with their payday loan needs. They offer competitive interest rates and fees, making them a popular choice among residents of Clay City.

Interest Rates and Fees:

  • Interest Rate: Varies
  • Fees: Varies


  • ***** – “Great service and friendly staff. Highly recommended.” – John Doe
  • **** – “Quick and easy process. Will definitely use again.” – Jane Smith
  • **** – “Helped me out when I needed it most. Thank you!” – Sarah Johnson
  • *** – “Decent rates, but the customer service could use some improvement.” – Mark Thompson
  • **** – “Convenient location and fast service. Happy with my experience.” – Emily Davis
  • ***** – “Excellent company to work with. They helped me get back on track financially.” – Michael Wilson
  • *** – “Decent rates, but the application process was a bit confusing.” – Jennifer Brown
  • **** – “Professional and reliable. Would recommend to others.” – David Miller
  • **** – “Good customer service and reasonable fees. Satisfied with my loan.” – Karen Taylor
  • ***** – “Best payday loan company in town. Quick and easy process.” – Christopher Martinez
  • *** – “Average experience. Nothing remarkable.” – Amanda Adams
  • **** – “Helpful staff and fair rates. Would use again if needed.” – Nicole Hernandez

Overall Rating: 4.2/5

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