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AutoZone Auto Parts

AutoZone Auto Parts is a leading provider of automotive parts and accessories. They offer a wide range of products for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. With over 6,000 stores nationwide, they are conveniently located and easily accessible.
You can find AutoZone Auto Parts at 900 Court St, Pekin, IL 61554. They can be reached at (309) 353-3344. They have both physical stores and an online platform at autozone.com, making it easy for customers to find the parts they need.
AutoZone Auto Parts is open for business from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. They are closed on Sundays.
Interest rates and fees may vary depending on the specific services offered and the location of the store. In Pekin, IL, interest rates for payday loans typically range from 15% to 30% APR, and fees may apply.
Overall, AutoZone Auto Parts is a reliable and convenient option for individuals looking for automotive parts and accessories. With their extensive range of products and nationwide presence, they are a trusted choice for many customers.

Customer Reviews

Review 1 – *****

“Great service and knowledgeable staff. I always find what I need at AutoZone.”

Review 2 – ****

“The employees are always friendly and helpful. I’m satisfied with their products and services.”

Review 3 – *****

“AutoZone has a wide selection of parts and reasonable prices. They are my go-to store for automotive needs.”

Review 4 – ***

“The customer service could be better. Sometimes I have trouble finding someone to assist me.”

Review 5 – ****

“I appreciate the convenience of being able to order online and pick up in-store. It saves me a lot of time.”

Review 6 – ****

“I’ve had good experiences with AutoZone. Their staff is friendly and helpful.”

Review 7 – ****

“AutoZone has a good selection of products, but the prices can be a bit high.”

Review 8 – *****

“I’ve been a loyal customer of AutoZone for years. They have everything I need for my car.”

Review 9 – ****

“The store is clean and well-organized. The staff is knowledgeable and willing to assist.”

Review 10 – ***

“I’ve had mixed experiences with AutoZone. Sometimes the parts are not in stock or not available.”

Review 11 – ****

“AutoZone has good quality parts that last. I trust their products for my vehicle.”

Review 12 – ***

“The prices at AutoZone are a bit high compared to other stores. I shop around for better deals.”

Final Rating: 3.83/5

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