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Advance America

Advance America is a payday loan company located at 2367 N Bloomington St Unit G, Streator, IL 61364. They can be contacted at (815) 672-5636. Advance America operates in-store and online, providing convenient options for obtaining payday loans.

The interest rates and fees for payday loans in Streator, IL vary depending on the amount borrowed. For example, for a loan amount of $100, the finance charge is $15. For a loan amount of $200, the finance charge is $30. And for a loan amount of $300, the finance charge is $45.

Here’s what some customers have to say about Advance America:

  • “I’ve used Advance America several times, and they always provide fast and friendly service.” (****)
  • “The staff at Advance America is very helpful and willing to work with you.” (****)
  • “I appreciate the convenience of being able to apply for a loan online.” (****)
  • “I had a positive experience with Advance America. They helped me when I needed it the most.” (****)
  • “The interest rates are high, but that’s expected with payday loans.” (***½)
  • “Advance America helped me out of a financial bind. I’m grateful for their assistance.” (****)
  • “The customer service at Advance America is excellent. They are always professional and courteous.” (****)
  • “I had a bit of trouble with the repayment process, but the staff at Advance America was understanding and helped me resolve it.” (****)
  • “I’ve had mixed experiences with Advance America. Sometimes the process is smooth, but other times it feels a bit disorganized.” (***½)
  • “I appreciate the transparency of Advance America. They clearly state the terms and fees upfront.” (****)
  • “I had difficulty reaching customer support when I had a question about my loan. It took several attempts before I was able to speak with someone.” (***½)
  • “Advance America is a reliable option for payday loans. Their online application process is straightforward.” (****)

Final Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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