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Electronic Tax Payments

Electronic tax payment is an efficient way to pay federal taxes online, by phone, or using a mobile device.

You can set a payment schedule in advance and receive confirmation after the money has been recieved. Electronic payment is completely safe as it utilizes the most modern encryption technologies. It is simple, easy, safe and much faster than paying by check or money order by mail.

EFTPS or Electronic Tax Payment option is a free system created by the United States Department of the Treasury for covering federal taxe bills.

  • It guarantees:
  • security;
  • when conducting federal tax payments online, using one of three identification documents that ensures your privacy and protects your information. Using your Taxpayer Identification Number (EIN or SSN), Personal Identification Number (PIN), and Internet password along with a secure Internet browser enhances security.
  • convenience;
  • due payments up to 365 days in advance;
  • pay taxes from any location 24/7;
  • cover your federal taxes: income tax; tax withheld by the employer from the wages of employees; estimated tax and excise tax;
  • simple to change or cancel planned payments;
  • track your payment with email notifications;
  • review a list of your payments for the previous 15 month term;
  • get help with payments or answers to questions from the customer service;
  • immediate confirmation of your payment along with a bank statement will guarantee that payments have been conducted successfully.